Gogeta, Pursuit of Power

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[Permanent] If your Leader Card is a blue "Saiyan" card and you have a blue "Saiyan" Battle Card in play in Rest Mode, your Leader Cards don't take damage from attacks.
[±0] [Activate:Main] Choose 1 of your Leader Cards or Battle Cards and switch it to Rest Mode : Add a marker to this card.
[-2] [Activate:Main] Draw 1 card, then choose 1 of your opponent's Battle Cards with an energy cost greater than their current energy, ignoring [Barrier], and place it at the bottom of its owner's deck.
  • Rarity:Starter Rare
  • Number:SD12-02
  • Card Type:Unison
  • Color:Blue
  • Energy(Color Cost):X(BB)
  • Special Trait:
  • Power:15000