Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace

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[EX-Evolve] Red "Baby" card with an energy cost of 4. (Play this card on top of the specified card.)
[Double Strike]
[Auto] When a card evolves into this card, draw 1 card, then choose up to 1 of your opponent's Battle Cards, it gets -5000 power for the duration of the turn, and you can't play "Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace" for the duration of the turn.
[Activate: Main] (R) Choose 1 "Baby" card with an energy cost of 6 from your hand and play it on top of this card.
  • Rarity:Promo
  • Number:P-112
  • Card Type:Battle
  • Color:Red
  • Energy(Color Cost):5(RR)
  • Special Trait:Machine Mutant Saiyan
  • Power:25000
  • Combo Power:5000
  • Combo Energy:0
  • Era:Baby Saga
  • Character:Baby/Vegeta : GT